Below are general policies for Sportsclub Fitness & Wellness. Individual club locations may have additional and/or more specific policies. Sportsclub reserves the right to change club policies and procedures at any time.

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Club Usage

All members using the facilities, including tennis courts, must check in at the Front Desk by showing their membership card.

Members must have a Club or Full Club membership to access racquetball courts. Members must have a Full Club or Tennis Only membership to access tennis facilities.

Failure to regularly attend and utilize club facilities does not relieve a member of their obligation, result in cancellation of membership, or refund of dues for unused time.

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Club Etiquette & Behavior

Proper etiquette is required in all areas of Sportsclub.

The use of profanity and/or loud and intimidating behavior is prohibited.

Management has the right to cancel any membership for unacceptable behavior or conduct which in the opinion of management is prejudicial to the welfare, good order and character of Sportsclub.

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Photography / Videography

Sportsclub reserves the right to use, for any purpose whatsoever and without compensation, any photographs, videos, audio tapes, or other recordings that are made on our premises or at any Sportsclub related function or event.

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Food / Beverages

Food and beverages in open containers are restricted to the Lobby and Juice Bar areas.

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Proper Attire

All members are required to wear proper attire when using any Sportsclub facility. Attire containing inappropriate words, phrases, or graphics is prohibited. Closed-toe shoes are required with the exception of when in mind-body classes or the aquatics facilities.

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Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices

All music-playing and other portable devices must be used with head-phones and set at a volume that does not disturb others.

Cell phones should be kept on vibrate. Calls are to be taken away from program areas, including Group Fitness Studios and the Fitness Floor.

Photography, to include “selfies,” is prohibited in the following areas: Locker Rooms, Restrooms, and Childcare facilities. Please be considerate of others when taking and sharing picture

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Members may not conduct personal training, or utilize outside personal trainers, at any Sportsclub location.

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Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Sportsclub is a tobacco-free facility, which includes but is not limited to, smoking, chewing tobacco, and vaping. Sportsclub prohibits the use of illegal drugs on premises. This includes indoor and outdoor facilities, such as the parking lots. Anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited from using services and equipment or participating in programs at Sportsclub.

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Sportsclub members and guests may not bring animals into the facility. Service animals are welcome. Service animals must remain with their owner when onsite. Sportsclub team members cannot be responsible for watching or feeding service animals.

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Youth Fitness Policy

Children under the age of 14 are invited to use the following areas of the club with active parent/guardian supervision: Aquatics Facilities, Gymnasiums, Locker Rooms, Racquetball Courts, and Tennis Courts. A guardian is defined as any adult member over the age of 18. Children under the age of 14 may not access the Sauna or Steam Room and may not be left unattended in any area of the club with the exception of a staff led program.

Family Friendly Group Fitness Classes are for members age 7 and above. Children ages 7 – 13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during these classes, unless the child has completed Youth Experience.

Youth Experience

Children ages 11+, who have completed Youth Experience, are welcome to use equipment on the Fitness Floor (please see restrictions regarding the Free Weight Area below) whenever their parent/guardian (adult member over the age of 18) is also in the building.

Free Weight Area

Children under the age of 14* are prohibited from being in the Free Weight Area without an adult.

*Children ages 11+, who have completed Youth Experience, are welcome to use the Free Weight Area ONLY when directly supervised by a parent/guardian (adult member over the age 18).

Strollers and Car Seats

Strollers are permitted on the Outdoor Track only. Strollers and/or infant carriers are not allowed on the Indoor Track, in Group Fitness Studios, nor on the Fitness Floor.

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Guest Policy

At Sportsclub our members are our first priority and we operate as a membership-based club. With that in mind and in order to accommodate our members’ guests and visitors to the area, we have the following guest policies for Sportsclub Fitness and Wellness:

Guests of Members

Members are welcome to bring guests to Sportsclub. The following fees and procedures apply to guests of members:


The daily fee for in- and out-of-town guests of members is $15 for individuals 18 years of age and over, and $7 for individuals 17 and under.

Limitations on Number of Visits

In-town guests—guests who live within twenty-five miles of  Sportsclub—may use  Sportsclub facilities as a guest of a member up to six times per year.

Number of Guests

Members may bring in as many in-town guests as there are members on the membership or one non-member family. Members wishing to bring in additional guests should contact the club’s Membership Director in advance of the visit to discuss special event options.


Upon entering the club, members’ guests must complete a club waiver. Club waivers are valid for one year. Members and their in-town guests must check-in together.

First Fridays

The first Friday of every month,  Sportsclub members are invited to bring a guest at no charge. All other guest policies apply.

Unaccompanied Guests

The following individuals may use  Sportsclub’s facilities without being accompanied by a member:

  • Individuals who are members of an IHRSA club
  • Out-of-town guests, defined as individuals who live beyond 25 miles of Sportsclub


The daily fee for out-of-town adult guests (ages 18 and up) is $20 and $10 for minor child guests (ages 17 and under).

Number of Visits

There is no limit on the number of visits for out-of-town and/or individuals who are members of an IHRSA club.

Registration and Check In

Upon entering the club, out-of-town guests and individuals who are members of an IHRSA club must show a photo ID with current address and complete a club waiver. Club waivers are valid for one year.

Guests Under 18

Guests under the age of 18 must have a waiver completed and signed by their parent, guardian, or sponsoring adult member (18 years of age or older). A parent, guardian, or sponsoring adult member must remain onsite for any guest under the age of 13.

3 Day Pass Terms & Conditions

Individuals who claim the 3 day guest pass must see membership to activate their pass. This pass is valid for in-town guests only. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All guests must have a valid form of ID. Limited to one pass per person per year. Pass expires 2 weeks from the date of submission. Pass is valid for 3 consecutive days. 

. . .

Childcare Policies

In order to use Childcare, the child must be active on a Family, Plus Child, or Childcare Monthly Fee Membership; otherwise, a $5 childcare daily fee is required.

Children 8 weeks through 13* years MUST be checked into Childcare by a parent/guardian (adult member over the age of 18) unless they are participating in a specific, staff-led lesson, class, program, or activity.

Children may stay in Childcare for up to 2 hours daily.

*Children 11 – 13 who have completed Youth Experience may be checked into Childcare by a parent/guardian (adult member over the age of 18) if they do not want to work out. Youth Experience graduates checked into Childcare may not check themselves out. The parent/guardian that checked them into Childcare must also check them out of Childcare.

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Membership Hold Policy

While we love for you to visit us often, we understand that your membership may need to be placed on hold from time to time. Whether an illness or injury, extended vacation, or military deployment prevents you from working out with us, our Membership Hold Option can help!

Annual Members (Members who pay for the year in full in advance)

Annual Members may place their membership on hold for a minimum of one week and a maximum of three consecutive months at a time, for a total of six months between renewals at no additional hold fee.

Monthly Members (Members who pay dues on a monthly basis)

Monthly Members may place their membership on hold for a minimum of one calendar month and a maximum of three consecutive months as often as needed while adhering to the time frames listed above with a $10 hold fee charged to the monthly member’s account, in lieu of their monthly dues.

Membership holds cannot be backdated. Be sure to let us know of your plans to place your membership on hold ahead of time so you can get full credit. If you need to place your membership on hold or have other questions concerning your membership, please stop by to see a Membership Advisor or contact us here.

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Membership Cancellation Policy

We truly value each of our members, but we understand there are circumstances where you may need to cancel your membership with Sportsclub. You may visit one of the clubs to sign a cancellation form, contact us here, or submit a letter stating your request via mail to:

27085 PO Box
Greenville, SC 29616

All memberships (12 month contracts, month-to-month memberships, or annual memberships) must have a written notice no later than 30 days prior to termination of membership. Please contact a membership advisor if your membership is under a 12 month contract.