Hello, summer! How we’ve missed you.

Summer is always the best time to take a look at your current nutrition and fitness routine and make any necessary changes that will help you meet your goals! With the reintroduction of beach days, outdoor sports, and fresh, seasonal fruits, there’s no better time than now to up your strength training, cardio, and lifestyle game for your best summer yet!

In this blog, we’ve created the ultimate summer workout guide! You can use our guide to revitalize your workout program or take a few of your favorite tips to add them to your own routine. If you’re stuck in a repetitive workout plan, we also recommend booking a session with one of our certified personal trainers who can help create a new summer workout to fit your unique lifestyle. They can help you incorporate these workouts into a fun and exciting new routine.

For even more tips, check out our ACAC blog to explore all things fitness, nutrition, recovery, and wellness!

The Best Summer Workouts

With great sunshine, comes great new workouts!

Here are our favorite summer workouts for strength training and cardio lovers, everywhere!

Strength Training Workouts

Warmer weather means running, biking, swimming – all the good cardio (which we’ll get to below), but what about strength training? It’s often assumed that you don’t need try change-up your strength training routine from season-to-season, but we’re here to debunk this.

Changing up your strength training routine is a great way to, not only work different muscle groups, but stop you from getting bored. Here are a few of our favorite strength training workouts for summer:


Pull-ups are a great exercise for strengthening the upper body, including: chest, shoulders, arms, and core. Sports that use a lot of upper-body strength like tennis and baseball will benefit heavily from adding this into your routine.

And let’s face it, if you’re looking to rock a tank top this summer, there’s no better workout than a pull-up.

Deadlifts and Planks

Both deadlifts and planks are great workouts to increase core strength, stability, and posture. While deadlifts also work the legs, they both are great for stabilizing the lower back muscles – an often-neglected muscle group that’s responsible for performance, flexibility, and so much more.

They can also be done in-gym and outside, make it a great option for those looking for a little extra vitamin D.


Traditional push ups are one of the best, most underappreciated workouts you can do for strength training. Not only can you do them anywhere, you can also vary your push ups in multiple ways to engage different muscle groups, including upper body, core, lower back, pectorals, and shoulders. 

Group Exercise Classes

We know what you’re thinking – fitness classes for strength training?

The answer is yes!

At ACAC, we have thousands of group exercise classes that not only focus on cardio, but also strength training, including: BODYPUMP, Flex, Simply Strength, and more! If you’re looking to dip your toes in strength training, here is the perfect place to start!

Cardio Workouts

Cardio and summer go together like mac and cheese.

To us, summer always means cardio as there are a lot more options for runners, cyclers, and swimmers looking to get some sunshine with their workout.

If you’re looking to shed your winter cardio routine for a new, warmer one, here are our recommendations!


A short, intense sweat session is the perfect way to start any summer day. HIIT is not only one of our favorite workouts to incorporate into a summer routine, but also a great option for a group workout class!

This timed workout combines strength and cardio for a full-throttle workout, every time.

Running & Cycling

Outdoor runners and cyclers, unite! While 12-3-30 has definitely seen us through the winter months, it is so nice to add a beach, lakefront, or even neighborhood cardio session to your in-gym routine!


ACAS members already enjoy annual swimming privileges, but for those who have not yet joined, swimming is definitely one of (if not our favorite) the best full-body cardio workouts on the planet.

Swimming is great for all age groups and is a gentle way to work your entire body without the traditional risk of injury.

If you haven’t already joined ACAC, now is the time! Check out our aquatics benefits here!

Lifestyle & Nutrition

While it’s important to update your strength training and cardio routines for summer, it’s also important to focus on lifestyle needs, as well.

Let’s take a look at two tips to create a better-balanced lifestyle for these hotter months.

Yoga & Stretching

After a long day at the beach or workout in the gym, there’s nothing better than getting in a great yoga and stretch session. The benefits of yoga and stretch for both the mind and body are so impactful for all ages.

We absolutely love our yoga classes for the perfect pre and post-workout unwind!

Staying Hydrated

Our top tip for summer is staying hydrated!

If you’re not paying attention, the sun can really dehydrate you which is why we always recommend bringing water with you everywhere.

For our water-haters, here’s an ACAC tip! Add strawberry, lemon, and mint to your water bottle for a sweet, soda-like treat pre and post-workout!

Get in your Best Summer Shape at ACAC!

At ACAC, we’re passionate about getting you to your goals – no matter what they are! We’re dedicated to improving community health by focusing on fitness and nutrition, for everyone.

Summer is an exciting time to start or revamp your workout plan and we’re here to make that happen! Join today or give us a try with our 3-day free trial!

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